Pet Sitting near Pittsford NY

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Looking for a Pet Sitter near Pittsford NY?

Are you leaving on vacation and need somewhere to leave your dog? Looking for a RELIABLE & Loyal pet sitter in Pittsford can be difficult. We offer pet sitting / dog boarding in our home as a convenience and supplement to traditional boarding facilities so that you know your dog will not be kept in a cage all day. Your loved one will be in a home setting and will be supervised by a dog trainer at all times!

Benefits of our Pet Sitting:

  1. I will treat your dog as I treat mine, no questions asked!
  2. Your dog will NOT be kept in a kennel all day!
  3. Your dog / puppy will be in the comfort of my home with direct supervision of a professional dog trainer!
  4. If we’re not playing, walking, exercising your dog, we will turn on Dog TV for them!

What does Dog Sitting include?:

  • Individualized attention for your dog
    • 1 Hour of direct play time per day (Run, walk, fetch, etc)
  • Will remain on your dog’s habits
    • Same feeding schedule
  • Continue your training methods
  • Will cater to special needs
    • Medications (MUST come with vet paperwork & instructions)
  • Secured fenced in yard

What is the cost of Pet Sitting?:

  • One Dog: $45/day
  • Two Dog(s): $65/day
  • Pricing does NOT include NY State Sales Tax
  • Interested in having your dog trained while (s)he stays with us?

What sets you apart from other Pittsford Pet Sitters?

  • First and foremost, this isn’t a hobby or side gig for us. We’ve been dog training professionally in Pittsford since 2009 and pet sitting and boarding has gone hand in hand with that. As other professionals do pet sitting as well, they generally do it in their facilities. All of our pet sitting is done in my home! Your dog will feel more comfortable in a home setting rather then put in a cage in a boarding facility.

Will my dog go anywhere or do anything while with you?

  • Yes & No! If you give us permission and time allows it, then yes! We love taking puppies and/or dogs to various places around Pittsford! Some activities would include:
    • Pittsford Town Dog Park: 34 East St
    • Town of Pittsford – Erie Canal Nature Preserve
    • Great Embankment Park – 631 Marsh R
    • King Bends Park – 170 West Jefferson Rd

Pet Sitting Requirements:

  • Vet Paperwork outlining your dog(s) are up to date on vaccines
  • Vaccines Required
    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Kennel Cough (Recommended)
  • Payment for dog sitting must be paid in full upon drop off


Call / Text now to reserve your spot!

(585) 861-8067


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