Private In Home Dog Training

Dog in sit stay in front of owner during training

Private In-Home Dog Training

We’re often asked where the most efficient place to train a dog is, and my answer is always the same, in the location where you and your dog will be most, as well as the locations you may have issues with your dog. When you’re experiencing certain behaviors such as counter surfing, bolting through doors, etc, I like to train in your home so that your dog learns that (s)he can’t be doing it there. The same goes with someone that may only have issues in public settings such as parks, vet offices, etc. Due to this I generally will train certain behavior corrections, obedience, etc, in that environment.

What can private training help with?

Some examples of what we can help with, but are not limited to, are the following:

  • Raising a Puppy, Puppy Basics
    • Teething / Biting
    • Jumping
    • House Breaking / Potty Training
    • Crate Training
  • General Obedience
  • Canine Good Citizen
    • AKC – CGC Certification
  • Problem Digging
  • Behavioral Correction
  • Walking Politely (Leash Training)
  • Excessive Barking
  • Dog vs Dog Aggression
  • Dog vs Human Aggression
  • Possessiveness
  • Shy / Fearful Behavior
  • Noise Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety

What’s Included?

We will train one on one at an hour per session in a location pre-determined by the dog trainer for each class. Sometimes it may be in the trainer’s home, your home, park, store, vet office, etc, depending on what’s needed and where. Each session will aim to cover your families specific training goals as well as teach the foundation to understanding dog psychology. Dog psychology and how it’s tied with your family, location, and situation, is the most important factor to controlling your dog and having full obedience.


There are 2 options for private one on one dog training sessions

  1. $250 per hour
    1. Both in home private sessions & Virtual
  2. Package rate can be discussed for those paying in advance.

NY State Tax, mileage and fees not included in above prices / Prices are subject to change
A 50% non refundable down payment will be required to be placed on schedule

When is your next availability:

We are currently booking out several weeks / several months depending on the day and time you are looking for. Those more flexible with scheduling can get accommodated quicker. All spots are first come first serve.

Why choose Rochester NY Dogs as your dog trainer?

This is my passion. I love dogs, and I love to help families become closer with their pets. I have been training dogs my whole life and have been training professionally since 2009. Since the start of my professional career I have rescued hundreds of dogs from being euthanized. Not all dogs are the same and not all dogs respond the same! I cater the training and methods used to the situation needed by bringing in various positive methods together.