Emotional Support Dog Training

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Emotional Support Dog Training:

Emotional Support dog training or (ESA / Emotional Support Animal) involves an extensive training process to ensure the dog meets our standards. Please understand the difference between an emotional support dog and a service dog. If you are not sure which type of training you need, please read the description of each here.


What does the Emotional Support Dog training program include?

You and your dog will go through a rigorous 1+ year program including the following

  1. Basic Obedience
  2. Intermediate Obedience
  3. Advanced Obedience
  4. American Kennel Club – Canine Good Citizen Program (AKC – CGC)
  5. American Kennel Club – Canine Good Citizen Urban Program
  6. Proper / Courteous neighbor program
    • Ensures that you and your dog have proper etiquette and training to be a good neighbor.
    • Dog will be trained not to bark constantly (There is a time and place when barking is ok, and dog must understand when)
    • Ensures proper training and etiquette for a variety of living situations such as apartments, homes, etc
  7. A several week board and train program to ensure 99.9% reliability of all commands

Cost of Service Dog Training / Time Frame / Schedule:

The cost and time involved of training an emotional support dog can range GREATLY depending on how much you practice.



FAQ: Is an emotional support dog a service dog?

The ADA, Federal, and State laws do NOT recognize emotional support dogs as service dogs. If a dog is solely being utilized to assist you with comfort it is NOT a service dog and is not awarded the same rights as a service dog. Your ESA (Emotional Support Animal) is only allowed in housing that typically does not allow pets. You will not be allowed to bring your ESA into public places that do not allow pets, including (airports, restaurants, local stores, etc). Please, please, please understand the difference from an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Dog. A service dog is needed for someone with a disability and the dog must complete tasks to make the owners life manageable or easier.

FAQ: But the dog makes me feel better, isn’t that a task?

NO! Your emotional support dog IS NOT a service dog. As explained above, you need to meet ADA, Federal and State Laws and requirements which state you need a disability. Second, the dog must perform tasks that aid in that disability. The sole presence of the dog and you feeling better is not currently recognized.

FAQ: Can I just purchase a dog from you?

Unfortunately no. We believe that the bond between dog and handler is stronger when they raise the dog from a puppy and/or from adoption. AKA the earlier the dog can be with the person in need, the better. We help you achieve your goals by training on a consistent weekly or biweekly basis. Most dogs who are purchased “fully trained” end up needing further training once they are with their handler due to the individual not knowing how to continue training.


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