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Looking for a Pet Sitter near Gates NY?

Are you leaving on vacation and need somewhere to leave your dog? Looking for a RELIABLE & Loyal pet sitter in Gates can be difficult. We offer pet sitting / dog boarding in our home as a convenience and supplement to traditional boarding facilities so that you know your dog will not be kept in a cage all day. Your loved one will be in a home setting and will be supervised by a dog trainer at all times!

Benefits of our Pet Sitting:

  1. I will treat your dog as I treat mine, no questions asked!
  2. Your dog will NOT be kept in a kennel all day!
  3. Your dog / puppy will be in the comfort of my home with direct supervision of a professional dog trainer!
  4. If we’re not playing, walking, exercising your dog, we will turn on Dog TV for them!

What does Dog Sitting include?:

  • Individualized attention for your dog
    • 1 Hour of direct play time per day (Run, walk, fetch, etc)
  • Will remain on your dog’s habits
    • Same feeding schedule
  • Continue your training methods
  • Will cater to special needs
    • Medications (MUST come with vet paperwork & instructions)
  • Secured fenced in yard

What is the cost of Pet Sitting?:

  • One Dog: $45/day
  • Two Dog(s): $65/day
  • Each additional dog: $10
  • Pricing does NOT include NY State Sales Tax
  • Interested in having your dog trained while (s)he stays with us?

Pet Sitting Requirements:

  • Vet Paperwork outlining your dog(s) are up to date on vaccines
  • Vaccines Required
    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Kennel Cough (Recommended)
  • Payment for dog sitting must be paid in full upon drop off

What will my dog do while with you?:

  • We take a max of 3 – 5 dogs at a time. So they very quickly will feel comfortable and quite generally will not feel over whelmed. They will be allowed to play with each other in a home setting / back yard.
  • Second, with permission (from you of course), dogs will at times be taken on trips to local parks and pet friendly stores such as:
    • Gates First Responders Park: 4310 Lyell Rd, Rochester NY 14606
    • Gates Memorial Park: 160 Spencerport Rd. Rochester NY 14606
    • Westgate Park & Nature Trail: 1489 Howard Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
    • Home Depot (Gates, NY): 2361 Buffalo Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
  • Third: We will make sure we follow your in home rules. If you allow them on furniture, so will we. If you don’t, we wont.


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