Puppy Training Class Curriculum


Puppy Training Package Curriculum

Class 1

  1. Introduction & Meet the Trainer
  2. Understanding dog psychology & training techniques
  3. Potty Training / House Breaking
  4. Crate Training
  5. New Command – “Sit”
  6. New Command – Focus
    1. Allows your puppy to focus on you even during situations with distractions

Class 2

  1. Review “Sit”
  2. Review “Focus”
  3. Puppy Handling Skills
  4. Puppy Biting
  5. Discuss nutrition, diet & meals
  6. New Command – “Down”
  7. Introduce – Walking politely on a leash

Class 3

  1. Review “Down”
  2. Expand on command “Sit” (Sitting politely for greetings)
  3. New Command – “Touch”
    1. Touch command allows your dog to use their nose or paw to touch a certain object. This can be used later to have your dog inform you of needing to go potty by ringing a bell, door bell, etc
  4. New Command –¬†Come when called

Class 4

  1. Review “Touch”
  2. Expand on “Leash Walking”
  3. Continue Command РCome (Phase 2)

Class 5

  1. New Command –¬†Leave It
    • Used to instruct your puppy to leave things they shouldn’t have, e.g. wrappers, shoes, etc.
  2. New Command – Drop It
    • Used to instruct your puppy to drop things in their mouth, such as a toy.

Class 6

  1. New Command – Stay
  2. Educate on puppy socialization
  3. Teaching you to understand and read body language
  4. Graduation from Puppy Basics!