Passion for training is only the beginning of what sparked my initial interest on being a trainer. Since I was a child I found myself having a much greater connection with dogs that made training come very naturally. I remember being around the age of 7 when I got my first dog, a Shih-Tzu, and within a couple weeks I had him doing tricks that astonished my entire family.

When it comes to training, a persons passion is only the beginning. I take my passions and continue it by a none stop effort of education. A trainer never stops learning! Every day there are new methods coming into the field that can make various situations, scenarios and dog training much easier. This is one main reason in why I don’t use “one” training method. There are hundreds of training methods in which I have learned and will continue to learn, and each of these methods bring their very own positive traits into the mix. All methods however require the happiness of the dog, or for short, I use positive reinforcement. In the long run, it comes down to the fact  that ALL of our dogs want to please us! If they’re not happy doing what we’re asking them, then they’re just going to do what they want and what makes them happy, even if that means your not happy with the outcome.

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